Phillip Phillips – You’re My Guy

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December 4, 2012 6:42 PM by Wade Blogs


First, I hate anyone with a first name that is awfully close to their last name (i.e. Nicholas Nichols, John Johnson, William Williamson). Second, I can’t stand anyone who participates in America Idol in any capacity. With those nuggets of knowledge you’d think I hate Phillip Phillips, but I just can not hate him.

His song came on at the gym and I wanted to inquire more about him, so I did. He grew up in Georgia and this isn’t Wikipedia so I’m not going to do that whole thing. He was on American Idol Season 11 and did well enough to be remembered for being on American Idol. When I first heard him I thought it was Dave Matthews or Mumford & Sons. He has that jazzy yet rock alternative vibe which makes it great to listen to while studying, baby making, or relaxing.

I’d pay a hefty sum to go hogging with this guy at some bars down south. I mean just think we are all drinking some beers, shooting some whiskey, and then this guy asks for a guitar and a mic. BOOM! If you don’t think there is any easier way than to land chicks, you’re wrong. Okay, you could role in with some A-List celeb and get his sloppy seconds.

Anyway, pick up The World From the Side of the Moon, it is Phillip Phillips debut album that dropped a few weeks ago.


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