November 30th Sports Round Up

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November 30, 2012 11:15 AM by Wade Blogs

Falcons Saints

Good morning America,

Hope you all are counting down the minutes until 5pm strikes and you are headed home for the weekend. We had quite a bit of news in the sporting world last night  so instead of making 5 or 6 individual posts, I figure I would put it all together in one bit.

Safe To Say A Team Winning the Super Bowl at Home is Safe…Again

The New Orleans Saints are DONE and so is Drew Brees’ consecutive game with a throwing touchdown.Brees’ streak ends at 54 games which is now the NFL record (Brees broke Unitas record earlier this season). Atlanta jumped out to a 17-0 lead and then the defense wanted some action. FIVE picks for the ATL defense but they allowed 341 yards through the air at the hand of Drew Brees. Makes me wonder: if Breeze landed 3 of those picks would we have seen 400+ yard game? Oh and thanks for the 3.64 points in Fantasy Drew! Make it up to me with stellar performance come playoff time!

Spurs Sit Their Core Players Against the Heat

David Stern like the little bitch he is cried and stated the Spurs faced  sanctions. Fuck off you 5 foot nothing monger. Gregg Popovich sent Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Danny Green home on a commercial flight instead of playing them on national television against the Miami Heat. The Spurs were playing their fourth game in five nights and have a game against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday (5 games in 1 week isn’t easy).  You think if the Spurs were playing the Celtics on national TV the Commissioner would care? He only cared because his interest and baby were on the other side of coin: LEBRON JAMES. David Stern was worried that 9 scrubs would beat the almighty Miami Heat…which almost happened. This is why I hate the NBA, stop micro managing the game and let the overpaid assholes play the game

David Wright is the Recipient of the Largest Contract in New York Mets History

We are hearing that the Mets own the rights to David Wright for 7 years after the 2013 season in exchange for $122 million dollars. This is the 2nd best move the Mets have made in recent years: #1 is getting rid of the black in their color scheme. Wright will be a Met for his career-pending any trade demands after they have strings of horrific seasons.

The Big East Title Goes to: Louisville, Rutgers, Syracuse, AND Cincinnati?

Louisville defeated Rutgers yesterday in the Big East Conference football championship to ensure a ticket to a BCS bowl game. The Cardinals are slated to go to the Sugar or Orange bowl, we will find out on Sunday Night. However, due to Rutgers lack of winning, it created a 4 way tie for the share of the title…I am not even getting into the mess but 4 teams could be “Big East Champs.”

NHL Still Has No Season…

Really not going to talk about this hissy fit until a decision is made. Hopefully they get SOMETHING together for 2013.

Notre Dame Defeats No. 8 Kentucky in Hoops

Mike Brey and his signature mock turtleneck defeated John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats last night at the Joyce Center in South Bend, IN. Notre Dame defeated an SEC school by 14 points…just saying.

Manhattan Defeats Fordham for 105th Battle of The Bronx

Junior Michael Alvarado played lights out to ensure Manhattan’s win. Manhattan owns the series 55-50.

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