Dip’s Top Christmas Movie Rebuttal


November 29, 2012 2:45 PM by Wade Blogs

So I finally got to reading the “Top 10 Christmas Movies of All Time” by Billy Heywood. I am disgusted and really disturbed by it. Jingle All the Way at #4 was the biggest surprise until I got to #3 and saw Just Friends. Pure travesty. So I have listed below his list and my reasoning why they should or should not be there.

10. A Muppet Christmas Carol: Great throw back and simple movie to teach the kids the Christmas Carol story.

9. Bad Santa: Dirtbag.

8. Polar Express: Great example of the book being better than the movie.

7. A Christmas Story: Classic movie but TBS has overplayed it with the 24 hour stunt.

6. Home Alone & Home Alone 2: Solid movies but I’m over them by now.

5. The Santa Clause: One of the best trilogies out there. First one was top notch!

4. Jingle All the Way: Sinbad belongs on UPN9 aka the gutter.

3. Just Friends: Get this out of my face

2. Elf: Fair assessment and girls love Elf.

1. Christmas Vacation: The reason (after the birth of Christ) for the season.

Now here is Dips’ top ten:
Honorable Mentions:  Fred Claus8 Crazy NightsNightmare Before Christmas10.  Scrooged: 80’s Bill Murray is only topped by 80’s Chevy Chase.
9. A Muppet Christmas Carol: How can you not love the Muppets?8. Four Christmases:  Vince Vaughn has some great one liners and Reese Witherspoon is easy on the eyes alright.7. Home Alone 1 & 2: Present day Macaulay Culkin has ruined these movies for me. But they are still top notch.6. A Christmas Story: Solid flick and tradition.  TBS spot playing it 24 hours straight. NO NEED.


4. Elf:  This was directed by actor Jon Favreau, you know the guy from every Vince Vaughn movie and the guy who directed Iron Man.

3. The Santa Clause:  Tim Allen was born to play a divorced dad that becomes Santa. This edges Elf out for #3 because all three movies are better than 1 Elf.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life:  a film about purity of America during the best and worst of times.

1. Christmas Vacation:  No explanation needed


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