Why Didn’t I Think of This the Last 4 Years of My Life?!

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November 28, 2012 5:00 PM by Billy Heywood

Huffington Post – New York University students haven’t had the easiest semester. They already had tomake it through Hurricane Sandy and on Monday night, they also had to make it through Reply-Allpocalypse 2012.

It all started when NYU sophomore Max Wiseltier accidentally replied to a message sent out to 39,979 students reminding them to fill out a tax form. Wiseltier tried to cover up his error with a quick apology email, saying he accidentally hit “Reply All” — but that only made it worse by revealing anyone could Reply All.

I hate myself for not realizing this. All the chaos I could ensue, all the bars I could have promoted (gay thing to say, but not gay when you get paid to do it…fuck that didn’t help, moving on..) all the girls I could have banged, and by banged I mean drunk emailed, and by drunk emailed I mean get rejected, but hey you gotta be in it to win it!

I should just email all the closest colleges near me using “studentbody@ [Insertschoolnamehere].edu” and say “Hey read my  blogs, or like us on Facebook” because absolutely no one would say no to a email like that right? woof. My roommates don’t even read or like my stuff and they’ve been my biggest fans for since I was an infant. LOOK AT ME NOW MOM!
I still haven’t graduated college, jokes on me huh?

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