Conference Realignment

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November 28, 2012 11:30 AM by Wade Blogs

It is being reported that Louisville will be leaving the Big East Conference for the Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC) in the near future because…well everyone else is doing it. This would mark the sixth Big East school to jump ship to the ACC. This is the 100th case of schools switching conferences it has  no business being in.

Whatever happened to conferences being created to keep travel and expenses down and keep kids in the classroom? Schools in similar size and ability in the same region would play each other to ensure the students put education first. Yes, we have these things called airplanes now, I understand that. What I don’t understand is how a school like TCU can be considered a “Big East” School Honestly, is Texas in the East? Now you are all saying well the “name” of the conference doesn’t matter, bro. I know that but lets think…Providence College in Rhode Island will have to travel to Texas to play soccer in both Men’s and Women’s each season. Do you think Providence is bringing in stupid money from the nation’s smallest state? Providences does not have a football team to bring in boat loads of revenue into its athletic program. MONEY is the root of all this scuttlebutt.

Keep the conferences by region and have it be about the kids. Non-conference games are just, if not, as special as conference games. Look at Indiana University playing University of North Carolina.  Make it about the STUDENT-athlete and not about the money.

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