(Two Thousand)12-0: Irish Unbeaten In Regular Season, Beat USC

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November 26, 2012 9:15 AM by Wade Blogs

What a crazy ride it has been for the Irish.  The preseason #1 played the final regular season #1.  Who would have thought that the season, which began on September 1st in a foreign land would end with a shot for the national championship in Miami, Florida?  It truly has been a rollercoaster of a season and it ended with a stunning win over rivals University of Southern California.

Quarterback: A-

Remember when everyone was debating whether or not Golson could lead this offense?  He hasn’t been without fault but he is playing very well.  He started off great with seven passes for 100 yards in the first quarter, which set the tempo as HIS game.  He finished at 15 for 26 with 217 yards.

Running Backs:  A+

I feel as if I say this every game but they had their best game of the season.  Theo Riddick went OFF with 146 yards on the ground which made USC crazy.  He had another 33 yards receiving.  Cierre Wood helped on the rushing game but didn’t have the impact Riddick had.

Wide Receivers: C+

They were a non factor once again this game.  Partially because Golson doesn’t throw down field and partially because USC has a great secondary.  TJ Jones lead the attack 3 catches for 40 yards followed by Robby Toma for 34 yards on two receptions.

Tight Ends: B+

Tyler Eifert is the ol reliable work horse and will be studied thoroughly by the January 7th opponent.  Tyler had four catches for 69 yards despite being covered well.

Offensive Line: A

They kept Golson on his feet and created gaps for the running backs.  Without them Riddick doesn’t run all over the field nor does Golson have enough time to read the defense.

Defensive Line: B+

The D-Line only allowed 95 yards on the ground against some real talented backs that averaged over 160 yards on the ground.  They also had two sacks on a quarterback that will be VERY good in the coming years.

Linebackers: B+

Goal line stands?  Not a problem for this core group of gentleman that want nothing more than to win.  You win close games because you don’t care who gets the glory at the end.  Manti Te’o is the big name but he would be nothing if it wasn’t for his teammates.

Secondary: B-

I know they were going against some top notch talent but they didn’t do that well against Lee.  They are lucky pass interference was a result because if Witteck landed any of his big throws we would have lost the game for sure.  SEC quarterbacks don’t mess around, time to tighten up!

Special Teams: A+

After the last few weeks I am shocked to say I am proud of Kyle Brindza.  He did miss one FG but he DID make a crucial 52 yarder that gave the Irish some momentum and confidence.

Coaching: B

He got the win, which is big part of this grade but he didn’t make any spectacular calls during the game.  He was conservative and won it.  12-0 in his third year! Congrats Brian Kelly!

Tune in on Saturday for the SEC title game.  The winner will most likely play the Irish in Miami on January 7, 2013 for the BCS national championship.


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