Guy Trying to Be a Guy And Get Rejected 100 Times


November 26, 2012 3:45 PM by Smash

Yahoo – A man’s quest to overcome his fear of rejection by making at least one crazy request a day for 100 days was throttled last week when a Krispy Kreme employee accepted his order for five doughnuts linked together in the colors and shape of the Olympic symbol.

“It’s only my third day and I have already failed,” Jia Jiang wrote on his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy blog. “But I did so with such amazement and happiness.”

When the 31-year-old approached the register to make his “specialized” doughnut order, Jackie, a shift leader at an Austin, Texas, Krispy Kreme, asked him when he would need it.

Let me start by saying Jia Jiang is a fucking asshole.  You’re telling me this clown is going to get rejected 100 times in the next 100 days? Welcome to the world of being a guy dickhead. Pretty sure that’s one weekend worth of rejection for most guys.

What the fuck kind of order is that anyway? That’s how you plan on getting rejected? That’s literally the most out of this world request I’ve ever heard. When would you actually need donuts arranged like the Olympic Rings?

I also don’t get why everyone is applauding Jackie’s efforts here. She’s doing her job plain and simple. Shit, I’d say she even dropped the ball by not charging him.

However, the even bigger asshole here is this guy:

“Yo if Krispy Kreme doesn’t promote her to CEO I’m boycotting!” wrote another. “And I love doughnuts.”

Just like any typical protestor: the smallest thing comes up and you cry you’re going to protest. Yeah, I get it he wouldn’t actually but you get my point. Bitch about everything. You love doughnuts? Way to go out with a bang there.


One thought on “Guy Trying to Be a Guy And Get Rejected 100 Times

  1. Don Juan Lopez says:

    i know I look like a viet song from 1970s.

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