Tim Smith of Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners – You’re My Guy

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November 21, 2012 9:30 AM by Wade Blogs

Fox News – Tim Smith, the homespun star of Discovery Channel’s reality hit “Moonshiners,” has spent the much of the show’s second season trying to go legit.

“Yep, that’s the plan – that’s what I’m shooting for,” Smith, who lives in rural Virginia, told FoxNews.com in his first ever online interview. “I’m trying to get out of these woods. I’m trying to get out there and take an illegal product and make legal money out of it. They say you can’t do it, but I think we can.”

Despite Smith’s fame from the show, and his noted expertise in the art of brewing hooch, he’s having a hard time lining up investors to manufacture legal moonshine.

Tim Smith is the man.  He is trying to make an honest living off of something so gross it should be–oh wait it already is illegal.  Much of “my guy” is someone you want to sit down and have a drink with.  Who wouldn’t want a drink with this fella?  Honestly, he probably has some wild stories of backwoods Virginia and not to mention moonshining.This guy evades the tax man and makes $200,000 selling moonshine TAX FREE.  Not saying we promote being bad patriots and not paying fair taxes, but come on!  If you buy weed from a guy, it is tax free and illegal, so don’t turn your nose up on this entrepreneur!

Honestly, who would buy it let alone drink it?The last part of this article helped me determine who is clientele & demographic is:

“Moonshine is perfect with egg nog,” said Smith. “There’s no other way to make egg nog. I don’t know how other people make it, but there’s no way to make egg nog if you don’t have moonshine.”
If you were not thinking “Cousin Eddie” From National Lampoons Vacation movies then you are a fool.  Remember how Cousin Eddie guzzles that egg nog with a purpose out of that Wally World Mug?  Yep, that’s who Tim Smith is selling to.  God Bless him.

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