Serial Killer in NYC On The Loose

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November 20, 2012 9:51 AM by Smash

CNN – The shooting death of a New York City shopkeeper Friday is raising the possibility of a three-time killer on the loose, police said.

 A .22-caliber handgun is the link.

 “The same gun was used in all three murders,” said Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne.

 But police are stopping short of calling the multiple deaths the work of a serial killer.

“It’s too soon to tell,” Browne said. “There are similar things in each case, but that determination hasn’t been made yet.”

Do you know what kind of nutjob and/or the size of balls you need to be a serial killer nowadays?  Guy has to be a lunatic to think he can off a few people and think he’s getting away.  I’ve watched enough Law & Order to know this guy somehow left some of shit knuckle babies lying around AT LEAST one of these crime scenes.

What’s the deal with your choice of weapon too?  You’re gonna go with a .22 caliber?  That should narrow down the search to exclude all males then.  So soft.  Oh, and nice sunglasses dickhead.  1000% chance he wears those at night AND indoors.  Leave that to Corey Hart.

What ever happened to the days when serial killers would rock large knives or build elaborate mazes to kill their victims?  America getting soft in every aspect.  Unreal.

Side note – In all seriousness, this guy is a piece of shit who kills old shop owners.  Thoughts and prayers with the victims families.  Hope the NYPD does work and absolutely PUNISHES this guy soon.

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