Will Grier Throws 10 Touchdowns In One Game


November 13, 2012 11:30 AM by Billy Heywood

Yahoo – Will Grier may only be a junior, but he’s already establishing himself as one of the best high school passers to ever play the game. That status was cemented on Friday when he tied the national record for most touchdown passes in a game by throwing 10 in his Davidson (N.C.) Day School’s stunning 104-80 victory against Harrells (N.C.) Christian Academy. Equally incredibly, he set a national record for most passing yards in a game at the same time.

Pause for a moment to consider all those points, both for Grier and the game as a whole. Ten touchdowns and 60 points through the air for Grier. One-hundred-eighty-four total points between two teams. In football. Wow.

“I don’t know what to say,” Davidson Day football coach Chad Grier told the Charlotte Observer. “It was crazy. I don’t think I’ll ever live to see something like that happen again. It was just nuts.”

The total yardage for Grier, the son of the coach, is as impressive as one might expect when considering that he threw for 10 scores. The junior finished with 834 yards through the air, a national record for most passing yards in a single game. In fact, Grier’s 35-for-42 performance completely smashed the prior record of 764 yards by 70 yards. To think, some quarterbacks would be happy throwing for 70 yards in a game.

This kid went hard as a mother fuckin’ mother fucker in this game.  I mean come on.  Living in New York we neeeever see high school football talent this good.  Granted he probably played North Carolina’s Academy for the Deaf and the Blind but then I looked at the box score and the game was 104-80.  FUCKING 80 POINTS!  Absolutely terrible defense.

This kid threw for 64 touchdowns this year.  Jesus Christ, this isn’t Ncaa 2013 playing as Matt Barkely against South California Community College, this is REAL LIFE.

I tip my hat to you young buck, keep on shining and maybe one day a defense will stop you…

Just kidding.  You’ll get shut down once you play the big boys.  Not even impressed by anyone nowadays unless they’ve signed their commitment letter at age 9.


One thought on “Will Grier Throws 10 Touchdowns In One Game

  1. will says:

    Legit.. imagine what the basketballs core between them could be..

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