All for One & All 32 In 17


November 11, 2012 6:52 PM by Wade Blogs

CBS Minnesota – Thursday night’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game has become a pretty hot ticket here in the Twin Cities.

But it’s become part of a dream for a father and son from Chicago.

They’re watching NFL games in all 32 stadiums during the 17-week season, and documenting the journey on their website – and on Facebook and Twitter.

Tonight’s game will be the 17th stop on their tour, and they’ve found a way to take some very special people along for the ride.

Matt and Craig Steichen drove a football-themed SUV from Chicago this morning, because they’re a father and son on a mission.

The goal is to visit every NFL city.

“We’re living a dude’s dream — every stadium in 17 weeks,” Matt said.

And take Wounded Warriors along for the ride.

“There’s a father-son thing, as well as the wounded warrior aspect,” Craig said. “It’s a double-emotional, feel-good kind of a thing.”

They’ve had one great experience after another. But given Thursday’s dreary weather, they’re glad the Vikings stadium has a dome.

“My goal is to take the wounded warriors out, and go above the call of duty like they do for us,” Matt said. “I found out that we could break the world record (for visiting all 32 stadiums). It’s 107 and we’re doing it in 103 days.”

It hasn’t been easy working around their work schedules, either.

“I gotta work at 9 a.m. (on Friday),” Matt said. “I got a six-hour drive tonight after the game.”

This is one of the greatest stories I have ever read and it gave me chills.  Matt and Craig Steichen embody everything that is great in America.  They are a tag team of love – a father and son on a mission to bring a little bit of happiness to two wounded vets per city.  If you are not absolutely floored by this then I you really should see someone for psychiatric help.

I am extremely jealous at their insane idea to visit all 32 NFL stadiums in 1 season and break the world record by doing it in 103 days (record is at 107 days).

I am very happy that they are a shining example of love and family.  A father and son coming together to achieve something. It is a beautiful thing.

And most importantly, they are giving back to veterans that have meant so much to this country.  News pieces like this makes us proud to be Americans.

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2 thoughts on “All for One & All 32 In 17

  1. Rick Adams says:

    Would like to donate a few bucks. But where do I send them?
    Rick Adams
    Cell 408 234-6824

    God Bless

  2. […] Earlier this week we told you about Matt and Craig Steichen, a father & son tandem from Chicago, IL that are attempting to see a game in all 31 Stadiums in 17 weeks, while seeing all 32 teams (Giants and Jets share a home).  While they are on their merry little journey, they are  bringing two wounded warriors to each game in the home city.  Full game experience free of charge.  They tailgate, they wear the jerseys, they stay for the whole game.  This is no easy feat and it sure ain’t cheap either.  All in all they expect to spend $18,000 on travel, gas, lodging, tickets, food and souvenirs.  After hearing about the wonderful actions of two common men a legend stepped up to help out.  Iron Mike Ditka spoke to the Steichens and told them he would finance the rest of their trip. […]

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