20 Questions With Jeremy Epstein

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November 10, 2012 12:11 PM by Wade Blogs

We sat down errr emailed Jeremy some questions after his big debute at the Presidential Debate at Hofsta University in Hempstead, NY.  Jeremy’s an awesome dude and took the time to answer 26 questions below:

Home/School Questions

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Brooklyn but I spent most of my childhood in North Woodmere on Long Island, NY.

What is your major and what do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

I am studying communications/exercise science (physical therapy).  In 5 years I would like to work in sports communications.

What was your favorite memory of High school?

In my senior year my varsity basketball and baseball teams both won championships.

Long Island: love it or leave it?

Love it.


How’d you get selected to ask a question?

The Gallup Poll just randomly calls residents of Nassau County.  After the secret service performed a background check on me, I was invited to the debate.  Then I submitted 4 question cards and the moderator Candy Crowley choose the one that I got to ask.

Were you nervous?

Hell yeah.

What was it like interacting directly with the President of the United States?

It was really cool.  After the debate when we were able to talk face to face with the President, he wasn’t the most powerful person in the world he was just another person.  We talked about sports and exchanged trash talk.

What did you think of President Obama?

He was very personable and very easy to approach. He spent a long time with us after the debate and he and his wife were very nice.

What did you think of Governor Romney?

Governor Romney in my opinion was a nice guy buy he was a little harder to approach.  His whole family was on the stage with him and it just seemed like after he greeted us he just wanted to spend time with his family which is understandable.

How nuts was security at Hofstra?

The security was intense.  When we boarded the bus that took us to Hofstra we were searched by secret service.  Then what was supposed to be 10-15 minute ride from the Garden City Hotel to Hofstra took at least an hour.  Then after the debate the ride back to the Garden City Hotel was even worse.  We didn’t even move for 45 minutes because of the security.  So if I had to describe the security in one word it would be intense.

Did you get a lot of attention after the debate?  What were you friends and family’s reactions?  Have any news outlets reached out to you?

I did get a lot of attention after the debate.  My family was proud and surprised because I only told my mom, dad, and sister that I was going to the debate.  So my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents were shocked when they saw me on television.  My friends were excited; I did not tell any of them that I was going so they were surprised when they saw me.  They were also saying things like I knew Jeremy before he was famous and I went to school with this kid among other things.  I would say the overall reaction of my friends and family was positive and they were all excited for me.

A lot of news outlets have reached out to me from the local paper to a German T.V. station, the day after the debate, my house was a revolving door for the news outlets it was crazy and something I thought I would never experience.

Current Events

Favorite sport and teams?

My favorite sports are baseball and basketball and I am a big Yankee fan and Knick fan.

Favorite Food


Favorite Movie?


Least Favorite Song?  What song do you HATE?

Baby by Justin Bieber the more I hear it the more I hate it

First thing you do every morning?

Brush my teeth.

Three Dinner guests (living or dead)?

Babe Ruth, Bill Clinton, and Wilt Chamberlain.

Spotify? Pandora? or Neither


Favorite President Ever?

Bill Clinton

Super Bowl Prediction?

Giants V.S. Texans. Giants repeat.

Should Tebow Start for the Jets?

At this point who cares?  The Jets just lost 30-9 to Miami they can’t do any worse.

What did you do to prepare for Hurricane Sandy?

Nothing I’m pretty screwed.

Favorite day of the week


What do you think about the Islanders moving to the Barclays?

It’s a shame that they couldn’t stay in Long Island.  Nassau Coliseum needs renovations but it’s unfortunate that something could not be worked out.  At least they are staying local though.


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