Indian Man Slices Off His Own Tongue

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November 8, 2012 9:00 AM by Smash

Huffington Post – Bunty Verma used to have a sharp tongue.

The 32-year-old TV repairman from Sendhwa, India reportedly insulted his wife, Hema, so frequently and severely that she recently left him, taking their daughter with her.

The man was so distraught that he tried to lick his abusive habit by cutting off the source: his tongue, according to the Hindustan Times.

Verma tried to reach out to his estranged wife with a note explaining that since it was his tongue that was responsible for his cruel words, he sliced it off, Geobeats reported.

No word on whether his wife believed the reconciliation attempt was anything more than lip service, but Verma was admitted to a government hospital for treatment, and the medical officer informed local police officials about his personal dismemberment.

Uhhh good move, bro?  Don’t even know where to begin with this clown.  What could he possibly have been saying to warrant cutting off his own tongue?  Had to be some brutal shit.  1000% chance she burned his curry chicken kebobs on a consistant basis.  Not even a question.  Newsflash…you’re not gonna be able to taste any more burnt curry chicken kebobs Bunty.  Jokes on you!

Seriously though, there is no worse feeling in the world than being hungry and you get a piss-poor meal.  Such a deflating feeling.  Ready to go to pound town on that meal you just ordered and it’s below average.

Side note – I just looked up the proper way to spell “kebob” and it comes up kebob and kebab.  What the fuck is that all about?  Apparently it’s supposed to be kebab but kebob is the Americanized version.  Fuckin’ right it is.  Kebob>kebab.


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