ND Game 9: Pitt-iful Win But the Irish Improve to 9-0

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November 5, 2012 9:45 PM by Wade Blogs

The Irish apparently forgot that they had to bring back their football know how home from Norman, Oklahoma.  They did not play up to their standards but they had some help from the Man above and won the ball game.  It took extra time but they battled back like winners do.  Winners find a way to win, even when they need some luck.

Quarterbacks: B-

The goal of this season was to mature redshirt freshman Everett Golson throughout the year so he would be a force and leader for seasons to come.  Coach Kelly has kept to this thesis even while preserving an undefeated season.  Golson’s legs saved him and created huge plays.  If it wasn’t for his piss poor performance in the second and third quarters, he would be in above average grading.  He got the win as well as experience of what it takes to win when being behind and in overtime.

Running Backs: B+

The Irish offense was just a mess for the second and third quarters.  The running game was no existent in that time as well.  Riddick had 84 yards and 35 yards receiving.  Wood added another 70 yards on the ground.  They need to know their strength and run the ball strong and hard!

Wide Receivers: A

53 pass attempts got the game into overtime.  Three receivers had more than 50 or more receiving yards.  Daniels, Jones, and Toma all stepped up and did not give up until the game was won.  Toma was often overlooked and thought as the “add on” because he attended and played on the same high school team as Manti Te’o.  Toma played his heart out and ended the game with 6 receptions for 50 yards.

Tight Ends:  A

Tyler Eifert showed why he is one of the best TE’s in the game today.  He had 6 catches for 62 yards to supplement the Irish wide out game.  Despite his receptions he had multiple key blocks that opened up holes for the running game as well as give Golson time to work.

Offensive Line:  B

They opened up holes that allowed 230 yards rushing for the Irish.  They could have done more.

Defensive Line: C+

The first half was pathetic but they salvaged the game in the second half.  Late in the game Tuitt and Lewis-Moore got to Sunseri and helped the Irish outscore the Panthers 14-0 in the fourth quarter.

Linebackers: B

Manti Te’o was a non factor.  Not sure if he was hurt of Pitt studied him well all week.  In Overtime Te’o and the Linebacker crew came up strong to will the win.

Defensive Backs: D+

The Secondary was god awful and did little to stop Sunseri.  They need to step it up against heated rival BC.

Special Teams: D+

Brindza cost the Irish 4 points  (missed field goal, extra point) and that was difference of win in regulation and overtime.  If you are a National Championship contender, YOU MUST BE NEAR PERFECT ON SPECIAL TEAMS!

Coaching: B

He is bringing Golson along and he is winning the games.  Went for it on 4th down a few times and wasn’t terrible on play calling.

The Irish will travel to Chestnut Hill, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts for the 2012 installment of the Holy War.  The Irish will take on the Golden Eagles of Boston College at 8pm EST Saturday November 10, 2012.


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