Why the Jets Should Start Tebow Against the Seahawks

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November 3, 2012 6:00 PM by Billy Heywood

Mark Sanchez hasn’t cut it, he is 3-5 this season and has lost 2 key divisional games this year.  The games have been close, within his grasp but he hasn’t been able to pull it off.  The Jets have a bye this week and if I were Rex and Co., I’d start him.  What do they have to lose?

If they do lose, they would silence the critics and media, and Sanchez will be appreciated.  They’ll find another scapegoat, and all questions will be answered, and shit would resume.


Tebow has or had some magic with him.  Call him the second coming of Christ, say he works too hard, call him out on being a virgin, whatever.  The dude is an awful (by definition) quarterback   But he knows how to win.  It’s in his blood, ever since high school.  While some of us were patrolling the sophomore lockers looking for some tight butts and easy sluts, he was working out in the gym, and in the church.  Goes to UF and crushes every single record there and wins not 1, but 2 national championships and a Heisman.

The guy is a workhorse.  Plain and simple.  I’m pretty sure I saw him building an ark on top of his apartment building during Sandy and wouldnt be surprised if he went to the Bronx Zoo and was stealing 2 of each animal.  Also God is crushing the Northeast.  Coincidence?    I think not.  Yeah high and low pressures bullshit, hey fuck earth science and put Tebow in!

Because if he goes in, and WINS…then we are looking at a bright future for the New York Jets.


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