Mayor Puts People First: NYC Marathon Cancelled


November 2, 2012 6:11 PM by Wade Blogs

Mayor Bloomberg gave into his Twitter followers and decided that his idea of having the NYC marathon less than a week after Hurricane Sandy was a poor choice.  The NYC Marathon is officially cancelled and we will break it down now.  Earlier today at a news conference, Bloomberg had defended his decision as a way to raise money for the stricken city and boost morale six days after Sandy flooded neighborhoods, knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses and killed at least 39 people.  Just for the record, we are 100% for the cancelation of the marathon. but we have to play devils advocate.

Dips spoke to some people about it, he is our NYC guy (if you didn’t know):

“I support the decision, out of respect for those who are struggling in NYC. Resources should be put toward relief. #Sandy”- @Maria_Delrusso

“I feel bad for those men and women who trained so hard for all those months raising money. Everything happens for a reason.” – Vinny M.  Queens resident

“Bloomberg is out of touch with reality.  Let us flood his mansion and only let him relay on .001% of his fortune. He would cancelled this days ago.”- Jenna J. Long Beach, NY resident

“I don’t care about a marathon.  I care about restoring my community to normal.”- Chris T. Staten Island resident

“Wait…did they really cancel this? 14 months of trainning and no marathon. Speechless.”- Jackie L. Hoboken resident who was supposed to run in Sunday’s Marathon.

Case for the Marathon:

The NYC marathon is one of the cities premier events in the aspect of tourism, advertising, and tourism.  It showcases all that the Big Apple has to offer.   Hundreds of thousands of people sign up and pay a hefty fee to put their body through torture to have the pride to say they completed this magical feat.  The runners train for months if not years in order to finish to the race.  More often than not, they run this marathon to raise money and awareness for a host of charities.  They sacrifice time to go running 10, 15, 20, 25 miles in order to be in “marathon” shape for the first Sunday in November.  They give up the booze, the partying, and the fast food to raise a few thousands of dollars to support a cause close to their heart.

In addition, people travel from ALL OVER THE WORLD to race in this thing.  Commitment should be rewarded as should sacrifice.  New Yorkers pay respect and move on.  We showed the world after 9.11.2001 that you can knock us down but you can NEVER knock us down.  If this was 2009 do you think the Yankees would be playing game 6 of the World Series in the Bronx?  Do you think people would even question them playing?  Nope!  They would be crying for Yankees to “overcome this” and win for the city and victims.

Case for Cancellation:

Hurricane Sandy was the worst Natural Disaster the Tri-state area (NY-NJ-CT) has ever seen in the modern area.  It Killed 39 people (at least) and would have started in Staten Island, one of the worst hit parts of the Sandy’s destruction.  Joan Wacks, who is a Staten Island resident, called Mayor Bloomberg “tone deaf.”  I would say that the majority of the people running this race do not even know a single person affected by Sandy’s aftermath.  You mean to tell me that some guy from Norway or Kenya is compassionate for people he doesn’t know after he spent $XYZ on travel?

If it was a 2 weeks after the Hurricane, maybe this debate is even sided but how can you support allocation of resources so poorly?  Generators, food, water, and police/public workers being used for an event while thousands of New Yorkers sit in shelters and without power.   Hey Mayor Bloomberg, I have 39 reasons and counting why you shouldn’t host this run.

No word on if or when they will reschedule it.  What do you think the Mayor and administration should have done?  Sound off in the comments.

One thought on “Mayor Puts People First: NYC Marathon Cancelled

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