Play By Play Breakdown of the Runaway Cart at the Texas State Championship Game

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November 1, 2012 9:52 PM by Wade Blogs

:00 High school MVP Trey Williams is visibly over the age of 25.

:18 Lord only knows what the camera guy was filming before the cart appears.

:21 Guy who eventually saves the day zooms into view on the left, presumably because it was was his fault.

:22 Dark blue shirt and khaki pants guy does the “owie” skip off to the left side of the screen.

:22 Somehow 3 different people lose their shoe on impact.

:22-25 Winning coach just chillin in the front seat, laaaaaid back.

:23 White shirt/dark hat guy with the Barry Sanders juke of the century near the 40 yard line marker

:23 Girl at bottom left hurdles victim like Clark Kent running to a phone booth.

:24 White shirt guy with hat in the middle makes no attempt to stop or even look at the runaway cart that just sped by doing 25, instead saunters listlessly to the left.

:24 White shirt guy at far right falls for absolutely no reason.

:24 Guy who saves the day really kicks it into high gear here, running faster than Trey Williams during his 51 yard punt return.

:26 Coach bails out of front seat with pseudo combat roll/belly flop.  One can only assume this was an attempt to ghost ride the whip.

:31 Guy who saves the day stops the car followed closely behind by 4 guys in white shirts just jogging and pretending they’re trying to stop the cart.  One walks gingerly in front of the cart and plants his hand on the front with the force of a soft kiss to ensure it doesn’t jolt back into gear.  One can only assume that this selfless act saved hundreds.


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