Mr. Tanabe – You’re My Guy

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October 23, 2012 10:37 PM by Wade Blogs

There comes a time in a man’s life when he must face death in the face and spit in it.  That is exactly what countless of men did during World War II.  While not everyone was fortunate enough to make it back to the States, those who did honored those who laid down their life for Freedom.  Mr. Frank Tanabe was a Japanese-American who originated in the Seattle, WA area but after the attacks on Pearl Harbor he was forced into an internment camp.  Internment camps were far from America’s finest hour but Mr. Tanabe did not hold a grudge.  As a man of great conviction and love for his country he volunteered for the Army despite being interned for his Japanese heritage.

According to Mr. Tanabe’s daughters he took pride in electing his governing officials and never missed an election, especially a Presidential election.  Mr Tanabe is in the final stages of inoperable liver cancer and will use an absentee ballot to cast his vote.

When asked about her father’s patriotism, his daughters agreed, ” He always told us it was very important to vote, because he saw his comrades in arms fight and die for American rights.”

Mr. Tanabe, you are my guy.  You were slapped in the face by a severely paranoid nation at a time of War and then you fought for that country with honor.  You never held a grudge and you instilled a sense of character and pride in your family for generations to come.  I am proud to hear that you were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for your work as Military Intelligence Service Unit during World War II.

When I enter the polls on November 6, 2012 I will be thinking of your heroic character and unconditional love for the United States of America.  May God and his legions of Angels bless you and your family.


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