ND Game 6: Defensive Showdown In A Rainy South Bend

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October 16, 2012 5:15 AM by Wade Blogs

: B-
Coach Kelly has always been a two QB guy and this season is no different.  He is shaping Golson under a careful eye and bringing him further and further into a game changing QB.  He was far from perfect but lets remember he is a red shirt freshman playing against a tough front 7 of Stanford in a VERY hyped game.  Rees is really good at being a two minute man.  If the system aint broke, don’t fix it

Running Backs
: A-
Not their best game but the trio of Wood, Atkinson III and Riddick managed to have 128 yards on 30 carries on a very sloppy field against the toughest front 7 they’ve faced this season.

Wide Receivers
: A
I think this was their best game yet.  I know the Miami game was stats wise, but they really stepped up against the Cardinals.  TJ Jones had a great game four receptions for 52 yards with a touchdown.

Tight Ends
: A-
Eifert, the heart and soul of the TE squad, had a solid game surprisingly.  He is a great player and often gets doubled because of it.  He averaged 14.3 yards per catch (57 yards with 4 receptions).  Eifert also had a huge pass into call that set up great field position for the Irish in the fourth.

Offensive Line
: B
They faced a very tough challenge but somewhat held their own.  Golson’s inability to read the defense and throw quickly was more of a problem rather than thier blocking.

Defensive Line
: B+
They need to improve on getting to the quarterback and creating more pressure.  But they did aid in stuffing the middle in OT to preserve the win.
Best line I heard came from a sign on college game day.  ”Why is 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7 is Stephen Tuitt” (#6 was Stanford’s QB Josh Nunes).

: A+
Manti Te’o coming back for the Irish this season is a God send.  We will miss his ability and leadership.  Great game by all of the linebackers…as usual.

Defensive Backs
: A++
They really stepped up and held the passing game to nothing.  Zeke Motta and the “the no fly zone” boys really played great.  They will need a repeat performance in Norman in 2 weeks.

Special Teams
: B+
Very tough conditions to kick, hold, and punt but Brindza and Turk were very very good.  Other than a botched snap, they played well enough (although that field goal would have been huge down the stretch).  They need to keep that ice running through the veins.

: B+
A win is a win and I am no judge to second guess Coach Kelly.  Wasn’t easy and wasn’t pretty but the Irish brought home another W.
BYU is next up and it may be a little bit of a scare.  The players have a tough test in Norman, OK and should not forget the task at hand before that.
PS – Is it just me or did it look as if Vince Vaughn rolled right out of a Chicago bar, got in a cab and went straight to the Gameday set?  He had some great one liners and pretty sure he picked all the winners for the day.

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