Dissecting the Siena College Drawing Debacle

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October 12, 2012 9:45 PM by Wade Blogs

I am sure most of you read about how Siena College Athletic Academic Adviser, Gail M. Picillo, emailed the wrong person offering counseling for doing poor in a course.  Well she made a major no-no and did not cross her T’s and dot her I’s.  She emailed a recent graduate with the same name as a current student that he was failing drawing!  The recent graduate replied to her (and others) with terrible grammar and dirty digs.  Lets break this down.

Gail M. Picillo: You’re a professional, step your game up.  “Develop a Strategy” why don’t you just put in a wink wink while you’re at it.  Can you be more obvious that Prof. Ticson is a fan of the team and that is why you’re taking “drawing” class to begin with?

Current Student: Where do I begin?  You’re not only taking a drawing class but you’re failing it!  How stupid can you possibly be?  If this is a part of your degree then get the fudge out.  You’re not going anywhere in life, so I hope you throw gas.

Recent Graduate: Excellent original email to this old saint bearnard.  Clearly you started out strong and then you stop giving a damn and just went at her.  Some minor grammar mistakes (which I’m frequently guilty of myself) but you got the point across.  Loved the line to “Fogarty,” the guy already sounds like a grade a knobjob.  Also, kudos for the closing line incorporating Catholic Institution and God Bless America…well done.

Let’s take bets who this “Current Student” can be….

After some detective work on these kids CC’d on the email and the fact he said within the body of the email “When I was a struggling Freshman…” in addition to the fact NO Irish people can draw (seriously what is a famous Irish artist?).

I say it’s #34…Tom O’Brien (again this is a random educated guess and not a prove fact. We are not accusing him, we are guessing it is him).

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