Regular Season, Postseason, Who Gives a Shit

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October 12, 2012 7:53 PM by Wade Blogs

This morning we reported that Alex Rodriguez was not going to be in the starting lineup for Game 5 due to recent struggles in the American League Division Series against the Baltimore Orioles in the deciding Game 5.  Joe Girardi, the Yankees fearless leader, elected to start Eric Chavez at third and Raul Ibanez at Designated Hitter.  With a few hours away from that first pitch of Game 5, there is an actual milestone awaiting to happen.

Derek Jeter, the postseason offensive stats leader in almost every category, is about to break into uncharted territory.  With one more hit he will reach the 200 hit plateau for career postseason games.  No one has ever reached that high.  It leads me to ponder how much this would matter if the career stats would include postseason numbers.

As you know, the MLB separates the regular season and postseason numbers entirely.  Anything done in the postseason is all in its own and not reflected in the career of the player.  This is the biggest load of crap.  Why should it not be included?  The player was fortunate enough to work his butt off to make the postseason and his numbers should be included in career numbers.  And don’t bring up the argument of “they play more playoff games in 2012 than they did in 1962!” because the 162 vs. 154 debate squashed that notion.  The game evolves over time and records stand without asterisks.

Look what a difference it makes:

Derek Jeter Hits

Regular season: 3,304

Postseason: 199

Peter Rose Hits

Regular season: 4,256

Postseason: 86

That would allow Jeter to gain 113 hits in his quest to catch Pete Rose Hits record.  A HUGE difference as a player ages while chasing a record.  If it was up to me, I’d include postseason numbers for every sport.  The stakes are higher and only the best of the best make the playoffs.

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