Game 162: The Final Countdown

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October 3, 2012 5:12 PM by Wade Blogs

Game 162: The last game of the Major League Baseball season. In most parks, it’s a time for teams to celebrate the fans for their loyalty despite failing to make the playoffs for the season. In other parks, it’s the most exciting game of the year. In 2011 we saw postseason dreams come to life as well as shattered in game 162.

This year with the addition of the new Wild Card format we will see some more drama. The A’s and Rangers are battling it out for the American League West title. They are playing against each other which will give Game 162 a playoff feeling. The loser of this afternoon’s matchup will play in the Wild Card game. On the other flip of the coin is the Yankees and O’s.

Yankees take on heated rivals from Boston as the O’s take on the Rays down in Tampa. The Yankees received a boost with some extra inning heroics from Raul Ibanez to stay ahead of the O’s by one game. The O’s squeaked out a win last night despite a gem from James Shields (Complete Game 15k’s 2 hits 0 BB). Now it comes down to game 162. The Yankees win, or lose paired with an O’s loss, they are the American East Champs once again. If they lose and the O’s win, the Yankees will travel to Baltimore for game 163 to decide the AL East Champion.

Why Game 163? Well the Yankees and O’s split this season’s series 9-9, which means they do not have a tie-breaker. Why Baltimore and not the Bronx? The O’s have had a better record against the rest of the AL East than the Yankees have had. Whoever loses the division will play in the Wild Card game…which I would want nothing to do with.

Best of luck to the teams in Game 162. Just remember there are millions of fans that wish their team was still in contention.

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