Chipper Jones – You’re My Guy

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October 2, 2012 5:00 PM by Wade Blogs

I know this is going to be a tad bit hard for Smash to swallow but…you know who is my guy?

Larry Chipper Jones.

Now if you were born before 1990, you know how well this guy played the game.  This guy could flat out rake since the moment he was called up to the League in 1993.  He won a ring in 1995 yet lost in his only other trips to the Yankees (‘96, ‘99). He would get his revenge on the city of New York by single handedly destroying the Mets.  The guy was such a Met Killer and appreciative of how well he played against them that he named his youngest son “Shea.”

Good ‘ol Chipper will no longer be a fixture at Turner Field’s hot corner.  The big guy is finally calling it a carrer after 19 seasons.

Chipper is so well respected around Major League Baseball, that teams across the country are honoring him with unique gifts, such as:

In addition to these awesome tokens of these teams appreciation, many clubs also had some sort of announcement/ceremony type salue to Chipper.

They don’t make loyal country boy ball players like Chipper much anymore and for that…he is my guy.

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