Ed Hochuli – You’re My Guy

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September 26, 2012 5:04 AM by Smash

We’ve all heard about how bad the replacement refs have been this season, especially after last nights ridiculous ending.  Lets not forget about the baddest referee in all of sports: Ed Hochuli.

Not only is Ed the most famous official in the sports world, but he’s also the most respected and of course, jacked.  Ed is 61 years old and is in better shape than guys half his age.

This guy is all business.  An Ed Hochuli smile is like spotting Big Foot, it rarely happens and when it does, you were probably just seeing things.  Legit sets the bar for every other referee out there.  Little kids dreaming of becoming an NFL ref think “I wanna be like Ed.”

Ed also has one of the best non penalty explanation calls I have seen to date.  In 2007, the Chargers and Patriots we in a regular season game when there was a flag thrown for holding.  Ed came in and let everyone know the defender was simply “overpowered.”

Ed – we hope to see you and your crew back on the field soon.  In the meantime, keep hitting the gym and get ready to overpower anyone that gets in your face.  Intimidation of refs?  Not on your watch.

UPDATE – Mandatory “I Want to Be Ed Hochuli” Video:

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