ND Game 4: Notre Dame Sloppily Takes Down Michigan

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September 24, 2012 2:31 AM by Smash

It was maybe won of the ugliest games in recent memory in this storied rivalry but the Gold Domers came out on top and won the contest in South Bend, 13-6.

Quarterbacks: C

Golson was not ready for home prime time.  He went 3 for 8 with 30 yards, two Interceptions, and zero touchdowns.  He didn’t have that extra “it” factor to prove to Coach Kelly that he could carry the team to victory.  Tommy Rees came in after two stagnant quarters to score the ONLY touchdown of the game.  He went 8 for 11 with 115 yards and thickened the quarterback dilemma for the Irish.  Golson gets a C- and Rees gets a B-, so that factors out to a C.

Running Backs: C-

95 rushing yards for the WHOLE game.  Riddick got 17 touches for 52 yards while Wood 15 yard run was the longest of the game.  They didn’t show up for primetime at home either. 

Wide Receivers: B-

They didn’t get too many touches and the changing of QBs didn’t help them.  I was going to give them an incomplete grade, but that would be foolish.

Tight Ends: D

The only reason they are not getting a F for failure is because Eifert sealed the victory with the 38 yard reception in the fourth quarter.  They need to use him more, he is nasty.

Offensive Line: B-

They protected the quarterbacks but they did little to overpower the Michigan d-line for the run game.  

Defensive Line: A-

Pressure Pressure Pressure. Thats the name of the game and the result was Denard chucking up 4 picks.

Linebackers: E

E for excellent.  Manti Te’o should be in the Heisman watch.  Eight tackles and two interceptions. FORCE.

Secondary: A-

They have suffered major setbacks and continued to excel.  Safety Nick Baratti and cornerbacks Bennett Jackson and KeiVarae Russel each had an interception and proved to the nation that defense can always win games.  

Special teams: B

Ben Turk and Kyle Brindza are having a pretty solid season, but have plenty of room to improve.

Coaching: B

The play calling was a little too boring for this big of game, would have liked him to have attacked more.  Kelly benched Golson to go for the win and not the development.  He now has 2 weeks to decide who is his play signaler against Miami.

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