ND Game 3: Notre Dame Proves They’re More Than A Name

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September 17, 2012 1:56 AM by Smash

This isn’t going to be a spectacular review of the game.  Lets just say this:  I was very happy with the game, i decide to celebrate early and often with tons of coors lights

Quarterback: B+

14 for 31 with 178 yards and a touchdown on top of some fancy dance moves on the ground.  He is improving and getting experience.

Running Backs:  B

Cierre Wood came back to the Irish and led the team with 10 carries and 56 yards.  Theo Riddick only had 30 yards and GAIII was a tad more active in the game than in the previous two games.

Recievers: B

John Goodman should change his name to GREATman.  Guy has been one of the better surprises this year.  While he only had one catch the whole night, it was beastly.  Toma added 5 more receptions while coverage on Eifert was heavy.

Offensive Line: B

They protected Golson, created gaps for the running backs and made sure Spartans D-End William Gholston didn’t do a thing.

Defensive Line, Linebackers, Defensive Backs:  A+

They won the game.  Kept a strong Michigan State team to 3 points.  I am not even going to start comment on it.  They did great.

Coaching: A-

Always room for improvement but Coach Kelly did a hell of a job.

On a side note, our heart goes out to Manti Te’o.  As many of you may know, he lost his maternal grandmother as well as his long time girlfriend to separate bouts of cancer.  He was a pillar of strength and played in their honor.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Week 4:  Notre Dame returns home to play Michigan.  HUGE HUGE game.

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