NFL Season Preview: NFC West

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September 5, 2012 1:52 AM by Smash

49ers (12-4) (13-3)

The 49ers are going to be a dangerous team.  They picked up a couple of ex-Giants and are bringing back the same shut down defense.  I’m not an Alex Smith guy at all but he has weapons all over the place.  They have one of the best overall teams in the league.  Very good chance we see them in the NFC title game again this year, if not further.

They will be a great team this year and will be serious Super Bowl contenders. 

Seahawks (8-8) (8-8)

Russell Wilson gets the nod as starting quarterback for the Seahawks in 2012-2013.  There will obviously be seem questions there until he can fully prove himself.  Their running game always seems to find a way to carry the workload and the defense should pretty fairly steady throughout the season.  Although, with only 33 sacks last year, they’ll need to find a way to get to the opposition’s QB.

Pete Carrol can’t scam his way to national championships the way he did at USC.  They have great new uniforms but same dismal team.  Maybe wild card for them.

Cardinals (7-9) (6-10)

Another team with quarterback issues, the Cardinals will need to figure out more than just who is taking the snaps.  Larry Fitzgerald is obviously a force, but teams know this. Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams have the knees of an 87 year old, but also have the talent of the young RB’s they are.  The Red Birds just have too many question marks on their team to finish anything better than third.

When you have a guy from Fordham University as your QB and he isn’t a replacement player then you should just give up the season.  They drafted Michael Floyd too high in my opinion.  Why have two great wideouts when you dont have a QB who can air it out.  They should have gotten Peyton Manning.  6-10 for them

Rams (7-9) (7-9)

I’ve said it from the start: the Rams are my sleeper team.  I don’t know if it’s solely because of Sam Bradford or what, but I think the Rams will be a pleasant surprise to not only the NFC West, but the NFL as well.  I could also be 100% wrong and the Rams have another 2 win season, but I think they have it in them to compete.  Steven Jackson will have another 1,000 yard plus season and Bradford will shine.  A shaky defense and lack of wideouts though are bringing me back to reality.  We shall see.

I hope Sam Bradford found God the same way Kurt Warner did.  That is going to be the ONLY way they find a winning record.  And I am over the uniforms too…get something new already.  Your uniform was coolest in 200-2003, switch it up.

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