ND Game 1: Navy Was Sunk Off the Coast of A Foreign Land

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September 5, 2012 1:36 AM by Wade Blogs

Notre Dame came out way strong for week 1 as the whole country awoke to the first NCAA game of the day.  In case you missed it, they played in Dublin, Ireland and destroyed Navy.

I am judging based on the game in general….NOT on projected stats on the season.

Quarterback: B

Everett Golson held his own in his first ever collegiate start.  He could have gotten lost in the atmosphere but he really showed maturity and pose.  He did have a red zone interception which CAN NOT happen if you want to win.  He had a lot of help from the offensive line as well.  12-18, 144yds, and 1 TD….If we had a stat boy he would give you a in depth QB percentage.

Running Back: A

My man Theo Reddick did his thing for 107 yards and two TDs.  He made everyone forget about Cierre Wood (suspended first two games).  Reddick looked a lot better as a running back than he ever did as a wideout.  GAIII (George Atkinson III) had a great 56 yard run for a TD.

Wide Recievers:  INC

INC = incomplete.  They were not needed for this game.  Golson is a first year QB in his first game against a weak run defense.

Tight Ends: A

Tyler Eifert had four receptions and caught Everett Golson’s first collegiate TD.  Tyler will be the weapon most used this season due to how good he is and how reliable he will be for the rookie QB.

O-Line: A+

They are one of the best lines in the NCAA and they will give Golson the opportunity to remain protected and run the offense.  Best part of this game were the lines.

D-Line: A+

They were remarkable – they chased and put pressure on Navy QB’s all day.  Stephon Tuitt is 300lbs and ran for 77yds on a fumble recovery for a TD.  He is probably faster than you.

Linebackers: A

Manti Te’o owned the game.  Key in a fourth down stop in the first quarter to set the tone and throw in a fumble and an interception – it was unfair to have him play.  Heisman watch for him.

Secondary: C-

Navy had 192 passing yards.  They are a run first offense!  It will be a long season for the secondary.  Bring Tom Zibikowski in for a week worth of practice or just show the team film of how he played…they need a leader like him.

Special Teams: D-

They missed two extra points.

Coaching:  A-

It was a gimme game but he got the W…

The 22nd ranked Irish are home against Purdue next Saturday.  Purdue is getting 14.5.

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