Closing Time…Another Summer In the Books

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September 4, 2012 1:19 AM by Wade Blogs

There are few certainties in life other than death and taxes.  I may be a tad bit biased but I would add a third certainty in everyones life:  Kick.  Ass.  Summers.  Other than someone dying or you being sick, is there any reason why you would not love your summer?  Heartbreak?  Summer love is the best you can find.  You’re Broke?  Well, the beach is free.  

Now some summers are more enjoyable than others, but at the end of Labor Day each year, you still have that excitement for the beginning of next summer.  You get giddy at the memories of this past summer and how much fun you had, the concerts you saw, and the trips you made.  On top of all that excitement is the new raw emotion of HOPE.  You are already making a check list of what you failed to do this summer and what you want to accomplish next summer.  

Let us all spend the next 264 days  (Memorial Day 2013) formulating those lists and getting in great shape.  If you are in despair on a cold January night, just know that you are getting closer to summertime…slowly but shorely (pun intended).

Thank you…thank you for another one of those summers.  We are looking forward to summer 2013…can’t wait.

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