NFL Season Preview: AFC North

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September 2, 2012 12:03 AM by Smash

Steelers  (10-6) (10-6)

Big Ben finally gets his number one back in Mike Wallace.  Roethlisberger threw for over 4,000 yards last year and will continue to be a dominant force, especially if he can actually stay healthy (not like he won’t play if he’s hurt anyway).  Defense is aging a bit but still great at it’s core.  It will be a tough battle, but I’m taking the Steelers to win the division.

This is it for the aging group, they are in it to win it this year.

Ravens (10-6) (11-5)

I was going back and fourth between the Steelers and the Ravens for first in the AFC North.  I do believe either one has a shot to win it, but I don’t think the Ravens have as well of a rounded team as the black and yellow.  I always question Flacco, but do think he will have a strong year.  No Terrell Suggs may hurt them on defense, which is why I’m taking the Ravens at 10 and 6 as well – wildcard and second in the division.

Baltimore will come up big and win the division, and make another run in the playoffs.

Bengals (8-8) (7-9)

Andy Dalton, A.J. Green, and the addition of the Lawfirm will make for a very nice offense.  Dalton will continue to improve, as will Green.  I don’t think they have the weapons of their rivals to the east, but will certainly be playing competitive and close football games.  They may surprise everyone and perform a little better than expected.  I’m not so confidently putting them at 8 and 8. Who is even on this team? 

They are trash and won’t matter.

Browns (3-13) (3-13)

This seems to be a recurring theme with the last team in each division: they’re not very good at all.  Well yeah, obviously they’re not good since I’m predicting them to finish last, but there is a reason for it.  They’re a young team, they still don’t have a proven quarterback, and their run defense is severely lacking.  Browns coming in hot with 3 wins.

3 wins this season will be like winning the Super Bowl to them.  Cleveland rocks!

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