Shark Week Is Easily the Most Overrated, Hyped Up Event On Television

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August 14, 2012 2:24 AM by Smash

Editor’s Note: We both were apparently on the same page.  One topic, two posts…dot com.

It’s here again…one of the worst times of the year.  It is the time of year when everyone is a marine biologist and pretends to care about educational shows about sharks that they fell asleep to during high school.  You know who is NOT a fan of Shark Week?  THESE GUYS.  Why are sharks the top of the ranks of the Animal kingdom?  Who decided this?  Did we have a bracket in the first half of 1987 in the USofA?  Sharks are terrifying but what about alligators or lions?  Hell have a week about dinosaurs.  To Carl Everett’s dismay, they are awesome:

Dinosaurs?  Didn’t exist…No one ever saw a Tyrannosaurus rex.  

“What about dinosaur bones?”

“Made by man,” [Everett] says.

I am going to write a compliant email to Discovery and let them know that 25 years of a mediocre beast is enough.  Time to move on to something else….as long as its not zombies (that is the WORST thing around…Shark Week is a close second).  If you want to see people with sores, that have not showered, and mumble nothing that makes sense: visit the next Occupy Wall Street event.

At least the Little League World Series is on and I can be reminded how I could have been there if I had not found the Internet and Pam Anderson in the same week.




There seem to be a decent amount of similar opinions popping up.  I meant to write this yesterday but let’s be serious…zero anything was done.

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is easily the most overrated event on TV.  It comes the same time every single year and people freak out like they had no idea it was coming. Oh, you suddenly find sharks awesome?  Yeah well Youtube has shark clips up 24/7/365.

It’s the same shit every night.  Shark attacks, people jumping in a cage getting dangerously close, and some save the sharks show.  I’m pretty sure the same things get recycled every year and no one catches it.

I mean it’s one thing to get pumped for the Superbowl or your favorite show since at least it’s always something different.  But to get excited for something that’s been going on for millions of years is fucking weird.

I don’t know…maybe I don’t get it?  I’d love to hear why it’s so awesome.  Sound off in the comments if you can actually provide a good reason to how and why Shark Week is enjoyable.

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