Colorado Rockies Project 5,183

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August 9, 2012 1:24 AM by Wade Blogs

Yahoo – Dan O’Dowd is trying something new this season.  He knows that the Rockies are getting rocked and have 0 shot of winning.  He knew this back in June, so he decided to try out something different.

He called it Project 5,183, the elevation of the city of Denver, CO.  So this so called shindig is to limit every pitcher to NO more than 75 pitches a game with a 4 man rotation.  After one of these guys chuck 75 beans to start the game, the skipper, Jim Tracey, makes a pitching change.  He brings in a “piggyback” reliever to pitch another 75 followed by a more traditional reliever/closer.

Why are they doing this?  They are easing in their young guns into the late season and limiting them to 100 innings.

I am a baseball fanatic but this is just silly.  Nolan Ryan and Whitey Ford didn’t become legends because of pitch limits.  They became legends by pitching hard, knowing their limits, and pitching smart (limit waste pitches/walks).

Maybe we should ban pitchers from lifting weights and have them just do manual labor like the great pitchers in the Hall of Fame did growing up.

Project 5,183…I hope you’re not the next “big craze” in baseball because you are a fine example of the Wussification in the American pastime.

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