Scott Van Pelt – You’re My Guy

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August 8, 2012 1:32 AM by Wade Blogs

I am a huge sports junkie and read as much as a I watch.  Too much is never enough when it comes to sports.  Hence why ESPN is up there with the Wall Street Journal and Men’s Health in my life.  That is the trinity of nonreligious objects.

Scott Van Pelt is my guy.  Guy is a stud and has the dream job that young boys strive to land.  Forget being an astronaut, I wanted to be SVP as a lad.  Single Guy, works in sports, hangs out with athletes, and makes a TON of money doing it.

He is rockin the Q-Tip look and rocks it well.  See what working in sports and TV gets you?  You can be a confident bald gentleman!  That’s my guy…he doesn’t give a damn!

The best and greatest reason why he is my guy is the voicemail he left a potential broad he met at a bar in Dewey Beach, DE.  He calls like a man and doesn’t text, another reason he is my guy because this cat has courage.  He’d be my guy to be a wingman any day of the week.

Listen to the voicemail below.  And you thought chivalry was dead…

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