Dips’ First Weekly "My Guy"

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August 1, 2012 12:24 AM by Wade Blogs

We are going to try a new weekly thing…we say weekly because daily is just too high of expectations for two 20something guys who keep track of the days by how far they are from the weekend.  So the first of our new weekly thing will be “My Guy,” if you stopped reading this then well….you’re not my guy.

“My Guy” every Tuesday (except after a Monday holiday because then Tuesday is Monday).

My Guy is basically a guy that you’d want to hang out with in a bar with no one else in there just shooting the breeze.  This guy can be a wild one (cue Flo Rida…wait don’t do that) or he can just be a regular guy with celebrity talents.  At the end of the day this is a  certain type of man that you can call “my guy.”

He’s the guy you can rely on to nail it and have a good time.  Qualities we are looking in “My Guy” are…actually no this is gunna sound TOO much like a profile on eHarmony  ChristianMingle.com.

The first “My Guy” segment will be awarded to Jimmy Fallon.  He just nails every impression he does and throws in a little spunk (see below: Bob Dylan sings “Charles in Charge”).  I had the great fortune of actually being in a bar when he was there.  He stopped into the local dive bar (it was in the neighborhood of one of his writers) and the guy was doing his thing, taking pictures, and NOT tipping the bartender like a celeb.  What a BOSS move.  That’s pure guts right there, he basically said “I’m your guy, but don’t expect anything from me just because I am a celebrity.”

Jimmy Fallon if you ever read this…you’re my guy.

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