That Didn’t Take Long: Dips’ "Swingers" Rebuttal

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July 30, 2012 2:07 AM by Wade Blogs

If you don’t like Swingers then you 1. must be a self righteous salad eater 2. Not a Guy 3.  Have 0 friends.

Swingers is the classic movie for 20 somethings trying to make it in their respective zone of life.  The movie opens up with Dean Martin’s “you’re nobody until somebody loves you” so right off the bat this is a romantic comedy and you’re not into it.  Completely understand that.  Heck if you’re a guy why would you want to watch a depressing flick that didn’t involve war or blowing something up?

As you make your way through the movie you see Trent (a young Vince Vaughn) nail it with countless quotes about  dusting yourself off and rise up.  If you haven’t seen this movie you’re probably 1. tasteless 2. tacky 3. don’t enjoy guy’s movies 4. You’re a POW from ‘nam.  I’m going to break it down quick

Mike (Jon Favreau) moves to LA and pursue his comedy dreams because his girlfriend of 6 years breaks up with him in NYC.  He is love sick and hung on his girlfriend, correction…EX girlfriend.  We all have been there and we all have had a buddy who needs to forget about the past.

The plot of the movie is that it takes a view guys to help forget about the girl.  The longer the relationship the harder it is to move on and the harder it is to talk to women.

So the thing is this:  Vince Vaughn is 100lbs skinnier and funny as hell.  The Plot is simple: You can’t forget her until you meet the next her.

Boom thats it.  The movie is a hit and if you can’t see that then maybe Tyler Perry’s  ”Madea” movies are for you.

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