XXX Summer Olympics

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July 29, 2012 10:20 PM by Wade Blogs

The XXX Olympiad starts today started Friday in London, England, United Kingdom.  Sadly for all you perverts reading this right now the “XXX” does not mean erotic but the roman numeral for 30 (X= 10).  The Olympiad started in Greece but they are using Roman Numerals?  That’s like Yankee Stadium in the year 2112 having a Green Monster (or the Red Sox having class!).

Any ways I have a real problem with the Olympics and Americans.  I would consider myself one of the most Pro Americans in the history of the great nation (I say that with a straight face and fully believe it). 

Every memorial day/July 4th the massives of citizens wear red, white, and blue and get shit faced in the name of America.  Well news flash, you don’t need a holiday to be proud to be an American.  I’m as patriotic on December 24 (South seceded) as I am on August 15 (VJ Day) or June 6 (DDay) or any other day.

So that brings me back to the Olympics.  Now everyone is all American and proud of their country, which is great.  But where is all the support for America when Italia or Espana is playing in non olympic events like the World Cup (not saying I like soccer).  What I am trying to say either you love us 100% or not at all.  That goes for Puerto Ricans, the Irish, Iranians, and Italians.

Be American, only root for America…there is a reason why you’re here today, someone in your family tree came here for the glory of a better life…looking at the homeland in the rearview mirror.

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