New Music: Michael Kiwanuka Home Again (2012)

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July 27, 2012 4:27 AM by Wade Blogs

How often do you listen to music and get that sense that you need some new tunes in your life other than what’s in your music library?  Whether it be mellow for you and the significant other or something that has a little kick to it that will get you excited for the gym, we all long for new tunes.

Work out music is so specific, so I won’t even try to go there.  If you are looking for something mellow with a hint of catchiness than you need to pick up Home Again by Michael Kiwanuka.  I guarantee you will be toe tapping to some of these Otis Redding-esque songs.

Michael Kiwanuka is an English born 20something up and coming artist that started off as a grunge rocker than studied Jazz at the Royal Academy of Music.  This is where he developed his sound and mellowness.  After a few stops here and there working with the likes of James Gadson and hit producer ‘Labrinth’, he signed with Mumford & Sons’ Communion label in 2011.  2012 he released his first album: Coming Home.


Why should you listen to this guy? 

1. He will be the next big thing and will probably be featured as the background music on a commercial and everyone will ask “who sings that?!?!”

1a.  Listen to him before the masses on Facebook status’ ruin everything good about      Michael Kiwanuka.

2.  He relaxes you in the same way Ray LaMontagne does.  Straight mellow, life is good music.

3. He CREATES his own music.  Gone are the days where artist write and create their own music. Michael Kiwanuka is bringing the craftsmanship of your grandfather’s generation to present day.  

4. He will get you thinking.   The good kind of thinking.  The long walk/run thinking where you figure everything out and you are at peace with your mind.

5.  If you like Bill Withers, Terry Callier, Jack Johnson, and Dan Auerbach….You WILL like this guy

6. This Music sounds as if it is 40 years older than it is.  Well it is not and I could not be happier because this is a prime example that talent exists in our generation.

Best Track on the Album?

Track #6: “Bones”

It has an old time big band classy vibe instrumental.   If you played this at a wedding today 9 out of 10 people would think it is from the 60s or 70s….and that is not a bad thing.   Kiwanuka basically is pouring out his heart to someone and stating without them he is nothing but Bones.  A wise man, my neighbor growing up told me this once… “Once a Dame has your heart, you’re done in kid.”

Do yourself a favor and BUY this album and support a great Musician you can listen to as you grow older, wouldn’t that be fun?

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