What’s Up With the "Walk and Read?"

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March 23, 2012 1:04 AM by Smash

I can’t tell you how many times I see these people/have to avoid them.  Everyday on the train, there’s at least one, but usually multiple.  Standing and reading on the subway?  Sure, go for it.  It’s the whole concept of continuing to read after you step off and begin your journey to wherever that may be.  Literally hundreds of people trying to make their way to hell for the next 9+ hours and these people are taking baby steps with their faces buried in a book.  They rarely look up and slow the foot traffic down to a fucking crawl.

I’m not hating on you for reading.  Go read til your eyes bleed, doesn’t matter to me.  Just don’t do it while walking in a crowded city.  You know what’s good about books?  They’re not going anywhere!  You don’t even have to charge them or DVR them!  Fucking mysterious how those book things work.  Just put it down and continue it later.  Let’s all get to our desks and be miserable for the day, then you can escape to your oasis that is your book when you’re out of my way.

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