Top 5 TV Show Neighbors of My Time (Pt. 2)

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March 22, 2012 2:37 AM by Smash

2. Wilson Wilson

Yes, Wilson Wilson is his official name.  This was a tough one, almost gave Wilson and Feeny a tie but fuck that, ties are the fucking worst.  Wilson is another backyard philosopher.  Just chilling in the back doing some weird shit and is conveniently out there in the snow, wind, rain, and cold, day or night, ready for the Taylor’s to pour their hearts out.  The best backyard philosopher of our time.  Oh why’s he always hiding his face?  Probably because he’s sick of listening to everyones bullshit, that’s why.

1. Cosmo Kramer 

Hands down the best neighbor in tv.  The heat Kramer brings to Seinfeld is through the roof.  The gestures, his mannerisms, everything – 110% fire.  Ever watch those “best of kramer” clips on Youtube that are like 10 minutes long?  Well worth it.  I could watch Kramer (and Seinfeld for that matter) all day.  Legit has to be the most iconic neighbor of all time.  Can’t hear the name “Kramer” without thinking about that flow.  Swag for days.  Just unreal.  Top notch.  Michael Richards, you may have had a little moment there, but you did wonders for tv.

Honorable mention (movie neighbor) – Lawrence from Office Space:

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